Why We Like Working on Passion Projects

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If you’re feeling burnt out or unfulfilled on the job, you’re not alone. Surveys show that 66% of American workers are disengaged. They don’t feel emotionally or mentally engaged with their job and are ready to leave if a better opportunity comes up.

Does that describe you? You might be surprised to know that having a passion project on the side can make a big difference. A passion project gives you something to look forward to, a fun activity to work on, and may even turn into your next job opportunity.

Curious about passion projects and how you can start one? Here’s what you need to know.

What is a Passion Project?

A passion project is an activity that inspires and excites you. It can be anything – from learning a foreign language to mastering a complex needlework project. If there’s something that’s been in the back of your mind – whether it’s related to work or not – and you can’t get rid of it, that is a good candidate for a niche project.

What do you dream of doing? Have you always wanted to draw comics? Play the violin? Write a novel?

There are a lot of things that hold us back from pursuing our passions. They don’t seem practical. They take a lot of our free time. We wonder if it’s worth doing if it doesn’t make us money.

Here’s the secret about passion. Your project doesn’t need to serve a purpose. All it needs to do is bring your heart to life. That, alone, is reason to do it.

How to Find Your Passion

What if you’re someone that doesn’t already have a passion in the back of their mind? What if you desperately want to come alive, but aren’t sure where to start?

There are a variety of questions you can ask yourself that will help you uncover your deeper joy. Remember not to dismiss things that come to mind because they’re “not practical.” Being practical is not a requirement!

Ask yourself:

  • When you were a kid, what did you dream of being when you grew up?
  • If time and money were no object, what would you do?
  • What would you do if you knew you could not fail?
  • What could you spend hours reading about?
  • Someone has come to your town to give a talk you can’t WAIT to hear. What are they discussing?

These questions should bring up some ideas. From there, pick some to try out. Be sure to experiment for at least a couple weeks before making a final decision about whether it’s a good passion project.

Finding Time for Your Passion Project

People often say they struggle to find time to do everything they want. Many times, between the demands of work, family, and other responsibilities, there aren’t a lot of hours left.

Let us ease your concern. You don’t have to devote 20 hours a week to something for it to be a “valid” passion project. You can do it for a couple of hours on the weekend. Or, maybe just devote an hour a week to it.

Here’s the key – when you’re passionate, everything else opens up. Doing your passion project will improve almost every area of your life. You’ll feel more purposeful. You’ll have more focus even in mundane daily tasks.

Even better, your project may help you develop new skills that help you grow in your career. Learning a language may open the door to a new department, or you may be able to use your art skills in a new job as a graphic designer.

We all devote time to the things that are most important to us. Given the many benefits of having a niche project on the side, it’s something you can prioritize – and you’ll be glad you did.

Is Your Passion a Potential Business?

Some people who are searching for their passion want to make it their full-time job. Can you start a business using your niche project as the foundation? Yes, you can!

Before you dive into this, make sure you do a few things. First, think about really doing this project or task all day, every day. Would the passion leave? Secondly, any new business needs a solid financial foundation, so start setting money aside right away. Third, you’ll want to start as a side-hustle – which will bring in some cash – before you take the business full-time.

If you’re planning to start a business around your passion, you’ll need to build your business skills. After all, having a craft business isn’t just about crafting. It’s about marketing, social media, photography, bookkeeping, and maybe even managing employees. You can build these skills by reading and practicing them before you make the leap into a new business.

Finally, think about whether your business idea is sustainable over time. Something based on a fad – even a very, very popular fad – isn’t something you want to go into business doing. You’ll need to diversify to make your business sustainable. For instance, instead of creating a Keto bakery, create a bakery dedicated to a mix of special diets or allergy avoidance.

Going into business isn’t for everyone, but it is an excellent option if you want to make money doing what you love and can handle the business side and marketing as well. Try doing it as a side-hustle alongside your full-time job for a while and see how it goes!

Start Your Passion Project Today!

A passion project that uses only a few hours a week can transform how you experience everything else in your life. It’s amazing how using your time for something that really matters to you can help even mundane work seem more fulfilling. After all, it makes it possible to pursue your passion.

Some people will want to turn their niche project into a full-fledged business. We specialize in helping people bring their projects to life by providing high-quality digital marketing services that put their business in front of perfect prospects. We’d love to help you with a side-hustle that provides some extra money or a company you work on full-time.

Ready to get your project started? Let’s talk!