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Soft Play Parties

Soft Play Parties was created by two parents that saw a gap in the market for rentable soft play equipment specifically for younger children. On their website, parents can book their babies parties with ease. This involves the rent of party packages, including arranged play mats, tumblers, climbers, soft play toys, and ride-ons among other optional add ons that also cater to older children.

The Project

This entrepreneurial duo required a website for the venture, in order to communicate with their potential clients. The website would be used to inform their target audience of their baby party equipment, and give them the option to book party packages through their online portal. The Project 100 team were given the variables of a target market being parents with children under 5 years old, and the functions of the website being as simple as giving the ability to book at the click of a button.

The Result

Project 100 successfully developed a clean and easily accessible website for the benefit of both Soft Play Parties and their customers. By navigating the website, customers can not only book their ideal package, but have the option to choose specifics within each package also. This practicality allows for ease of use for rentability, which was imperative for our client.

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