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Get the Sitch and share your fun with people nearby. Discover a new karaoke dive bar, movie in the park, hang out on campus, live music spot, you name it! Nearby videos give you a peek at what’s happening around you so that you can have the most fun. Now get Sitchin’! To learn more, please visit www.Sitch.com

The Project

Sitch was a unique project for us which allowed us to get in on the ground floor. Sitch is an app that allows the consumer to share their happenings around town. Whether you and a group of friends are walking for a cure or heading out on the town, you can share your fun with everyone in the area! We helped Sitch take off locally with our street team. We talked to local individuals and had them install and test out the app itself. Working alongside Sitch’s marketing team, we came up with some pretty cool, creative ideas that helped promote Sitch all over, and it’s still growing today!

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