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Cloud Accounting & Advisory

SimpliProfit is a full-service accounting and operational firm that devises modern solutions for thriving businesses in an era of endless innovation. SimpliProfit was previously under the name Linda Herron, an accounting firm that utilized a more traditional approach. SimpliProfit is Linda Herron 2.0, a firm that has moved forward with our evolving world. SimpliProfit’s services guide their clients forward with personalized approaches. The company is comprised of a dynamic team of professionals that keep businesses up to date with today’s evolving economic, regulatory and digital landscape.

The Process

Project 100 has been working alongside SimpliProfit to devise a marketing plan for their forward thinking new business. This was a project that saw all team members of Project 100 lend a helping hand to collaborate their skills and transform the Linda Herron website into SimpliProfit. Project 100 continued to the next step of the marketing plan by preparing the social media calendar for SimpliProfit’s online social platforms.

The Result

The SimpliProfit website now resembles an innovative, aesthetically pleasing and condensed site. The design aligns with the established target market, and the standards of the increasingly digital finance industry. With ease of use and navigation, clients can now locate what they want quickly. This task has utilized the valuable skills of Project 100’s team and will continue to do so through ongoing marketing projects with SimpliProfit.

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