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Ride Offer

Ride Offer have introduced a new approach to how the transport industry and their customers communicate with one another. Having developed an Uber-like platform with an all-encompassing suite of automated web-based scheduling, they promise to ‘give wings to your business’. The business set out to bring customers and drivers closer together with just one click. From delivery to transportation ventures, Ride Offer can streamline your booking process.

The Project

Throughout this project, our team have been trusted with leading the web design of the Ride Offer venture. The specifications requested by the client called for a versatile website that included a variety of functions. Our team were given the responsibility of providing a platform that allows Ride Offer customers to schedule rides, retrieve fare estimates, dispatch rides, track fleets and collect payments all in real time.

The Result

Project 100 built the Ride Offer website from the ground up. The company have been presented with a clean and easy to navigate website for the benefit of all parties associated with Ride Offer. The interface allows users to efficiently communicate with drivers and customers, as well as complete the other specific steps in the booking and scheduling process – which was imperative for the client. This practicality has made for an innovative platform allowing Ride Offer to differentiate as a forward thinking and valuable service in their industry. Moving forward, Project 100 will continue to work with Ride Offer to further enhance their website.

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