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Pizza Factory

For over 30 years, Pizza Factory have pride themselves with high-quality food, family friendly dining and hard-working staff. The Pizza Factory mission is to make every customer feel as if they are at their hometown’s pizzeria. This case is based on the Pizza Factory located at Willow Glen.

The Project

Initially, Project 100 were trusted with the responsibility of executing a marketing plan for the Willow Glen Pizza Factory. However, due to the business’s circumstances this responsibility expanded to overseeing the operation of the entire restaurant. This required the Project 100 team to act as management, assist in day to day operations, manage over 16 employees, and plan and promote the special events and daily deals.

The Result

During the time Project 100 dedicated to recovering the restaurant, the business experienced a month to month revenue increase in increments of 20% within the first quarter. The Project 100 team achieved this by utilizing and recycling promotional materials provided by the franchise headquarters, training existent staff to move into managerial positions (reducing the expense of hiring fresh), exercising budget control (managing food prices and raises) and damage control (identified a solution for equipment crashing in peak times to avoid dissatisfied clientele).

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