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Light of the World

Light of the World is an Evergreen based local church that provide a welcoming place to worship and reach out to their local community. They provide various programs where acceptance is their primary purpose. The church provides biblical education to all ages, with a mission of letting everyone know that they are here to love, reach and teach about Christian values and sharing the love of God.

The Project

The church employed Project 100 to assist in their rebrand by creating a new logo. Our team collected information on the church and discovered the name ‘Light of the World’ was established 30 years ago to be a ‘Light’ in the Bay Area. The client specified that with the rebrand, the logo would need to portray a friendly, warm and welcoming image. It was important to the client that the logo would stand out, rather than following traditional church logos of a simple cross or flame.

The Result

Considering the specifics outlined by the client, the Project 100 designers took traditional church logo elements like a flame and incorporated them with text in a contemporary way. The result is a mix of an icon and name-based logo that represents the message and nature of the church. The logo is versatile in which it can be transferred onto merch and other materials which is what the client requested.

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