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L Salon

Elizabeth Stenstrom established L Salon with the mission to make a difference in the world of hair fashion. L Salon are now dedicated to all aspects of beauty and style. They work to create a beautiful appearance while nurturing the spirit and relaxing the body and mind. L Salon are here to challenge current industry standards while tailoring each style to the unique needs of every client. This salon is home to over 30 designers, thriving as leaders in their industry.

The Project

In 2018, with new management at hand, Project 100 have been tasked with the responsibility of developing the L Salon brand to assist in the company’s transition and rebrand. Project 100 have engaged L Salon in not only enhancing their marketing efforts, but also the creation of a social media movement. The #hairinthemoment hashtag has been utilized across social platforms to strengthen brand awareness and encourage audience engagement. This movement will be carried across future campaigns implemented by Project 100.

The Result

The marketing strategies developed by Project 100 on this venture have successfully become a part of ongoing campaigns. Thus, Project 100 will continue to partner with L Salon by developing new marketing campaigns for their brand each year.

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