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After data collected by Project 100 made it apparent that many businesses were appealing for an innovative way to keep customers loyal to their business, the team collaborated to create 'KYUC'. Kyuc translates to ‘memory’ in Vietnamese - a fitting name considering the objective of this project. Project 100 have seen this objective come to life by creating a subscription model web app that allows customers to sign up for loyalty programs. Kyuc helps businesses retain an increasing number of customers by strengthening the relationship with them.

The Process

Project 100 tackled this hackathon in style by executing the process to be prototype ready in 30 days. The goal of for the end product was to provide a platform that encouraged customer loyalty while simultaneously earning more revenue. Team members saw through with research, and with brainstorming via a collaboration that considered a variety of site design mock-ups, and potential site functions. The design process placed an emphasize on an easy to use, sleek interface. By breaking down the task at hand, the project was delegated to the talent suitable to efficiently see through auditing, research, mock-up, implementation, testing, and modification in accordance to user feedback.

The Result

KYUC users can now get digitally rewarding in no time, as their customers build their loyalty to businesses with the touch of a button. The platform has essentially become a simplified, modern version of the traditional tangible punch card reminiscent of visits to your local barista or hair salon.

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