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Ijeoma Makeup

Ijeoma Makeup provides makeup artistry services to women of all ages. Founder, Ijeoma offers her services to the everyday women. Specializing in women of color, Ijeoma understands shade ranges and skin complexions. With her business’ services, she endeavours to give her clients confidence, empowerment and a little bit of sass!

The Project

Project 100 was approached by the client when she first launched her business. The designers at project 100 were tasked with designing the Ijeoma Makeup logo. Our designers were given the specifics of a black and white logo with a pop of color that, is either name or initial based. The logo would need to portray confidence and empowerment with a mix of a clean, modern and chic aesthetic. It was important for this project that the end result was not too colorful or animated.

The Result

Project 100 designed a logo that accurately represented Ljeoma Makeup’s branding, and the specifics provided by the client. The end result is an edgy, bold and clean design; which was a priority in the client’s vision for her brand.

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