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B.L. Bags

B.L Bags (Bag Lady) have set out on a mission to provide a versatile backpack to active children and travellers alike. Upon completion, a percentage of the profits will be donated to an organisation that helps build homes for homeless. B.L. Bags chose project 100 to guide them through the design and execution processes. This was a unique project for Project 100 that our house graphics and web designer Andrea took under her wing and let her creative flare fly. Andrea set out on the task to design a cool backpack for children that is both unisex and sporty.

The Process

Andrea saw thoroughly with research, and with brainstorming via concept sketches where she considered a variety of concepts that incorporated the functionality that the backpack required. By beginning on pen and paper, designers are able to think through the practical details by making notes, adding, and modifying freely. Project 100 and B.L. Bags walked side by side through this project to allow for an open dialogue of modifications, brainstorming and updates. As ideas were presented to our client, we collaborated together to present B.L. Bags vision with a digital mock-up. The digital mock-up makes for an accurate representation of the final product, which allowed changes that needed to be made more evident. Voila – we have a solid backpack design!

The Result

B.L. Bag’s backpack will evidently be a leading product with its alluring contemporary features. Buyers will enjoy the convenience of many practical pockets including a side shoe compartment. With much of the storage pockets being internal rather than external, this design has earned the bag the assurance of being anti-theft. With a Bluetooth keychain making its way into the design, the backpack is on its way to be the next best in our active, tech generation.

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