Why It’s Important To Build A Quality Website

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In a world increasingly running on digital platforms, a quality website that converts leads into paying customers is a must. More and more businesses are responding by turning most of their effort towards their online presence – smart move. However, many are unsure of not only what aspect to focus on, but also what aligns with their unique business.

Your website is the most important intermediary between you and your ideal customer. Of course, it’s important that its aesthetics are well crafted, after all it is the face of your business; though it’s crucial that it works magically also. What good is a pretty face that has nothing to offer?

Many are under the impression that to succeed in this sector of business, an excessive amount of money must be parted with. This isn’t the case; by working with a marketing firm, together you will create a perfect quality website that aligns with your business endeavors – consider it an investment that pays for itself in the long run.

But first, Project 100 will explain why a quality website is an imperative piece to corporate success in 2020 –


When it’s time to put your artistic cap on, there are many considerations that must be taken into account. This is not a personal art piece, but the overall brand image of your business, and it must reflect the image you want your customers to perceive. Nowadays, it’s safe to say a majority of the population are accustomed to the ins and outs of the internet. In other words, customers will be able to discern whether the website was created by a credible and trustworthy web designer, or an inexperienced non-professional. Without a doubt, they will opt for the most credible image!

Consistency is key in alluring the eye of the market. One font, style, and format should set the foundation of your website. Unfortunately, not all of us flaunt a creative flair; if this is you, a helping hand in the aesthetic department will do your business wonders!

Competition – What is next door doing?

Always stay true to your unique brand image; though it’s time to do some serious improving if your direct counterparts are fostering a website that screams industry dominator. Offering exactly what 2020 demands – i.e. unparalleled service, or simply a pay later feature. Every business belongs to a specific industry which in turn has restricting aspects to compete with – price structures for instance. In many ways there is a bar set that all competitors adhere to. A quality website is one way you can move yourself above and beyond.


Although the upcoming generations are born tech-savvy, not everyone has the patience or are even capable of navigating a complex website. When a consumer clicks on your site link, your homepage is susceptible to a ticking time bomb; i.e. an individual should be able to find what they’re looking for in just seconds before they lose patience, and head to the next competitors page. Confusing, overwhelming, and unnecessary content reduces a websites ability to convert browsers into paying customers.

How long do customers last in a physical shop with clothes strewn across unorganized racks? Most people enter the store and walk out within seconds. Your customer should be able to find what they want, and prompts to follow through to contact and purchase within minimal clicks.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engines serve millions of people per day. Consumers know this, and thus they are most likely to trust what Google for instance places in front of them. How often does a user browse past the first page of Google results? Not very often. Therefore, it’s crucial for your website to gain a spot on the first page of search engine results. Taking advantage of good SEO practice is what will place your business directly in front of ideal customers.

Taking advantage of these four attributes is what contributes to a successful, quality website. For some inspiration, head to Airbnb to see how they utilize all four of these attributes to create a bomb website!