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We’ve adapted, to help you keep going…

We hear ya, having to wait another month to reopen your business feels like an eternity. No to worry, you can still stay productive with our new DIY (do-it-yourself) products.

DIY Website

Thinking of building a new website on your own? Perhaps a special landing page to update customers on certain changes? Get quickly setup with a one-pager website.

Try building your own website now! 
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DIY Design & Print

Need to design or print something? We’ve partnered with a range of print shops all over the world and integrated an in-browser editor tool for your convenience. 
Design and print now!


It’s more important now to adopt an online presence. Try our step-by-step DIY marketing kit to start improving your SEO ranking.

Improve your search ranking on google now!

Project 100 pays it forward

Project 100 has been and always will be a project-oriented company with a vision to influence the world. As part of this journey, we pledge to help entrepreneurs and businesses by contributing a portion of our revenue to microloan funding through

Preparing for a “new normal”

We know that each business will come out of this global phenomenon with a different future. We hope you will find these tools useful during the interim time.
And if you’re looking to re-evaluate your marketing strategy, we are offering FREE 1 hour consultations until August 31st, 2020. 

Some PR for us

A unique marketing team, Project 100, is transforming the visions of entrepreneurs into reality through their new niche domain – Passion Projects

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