Pure Organic Nail Salon

Marketing, Social Media, and Web Design Project

Project 100 have an ongoing client relationship with San Jose Hardwood Floors, working as their Marketing Director

Client: Pure Organic Nails
Date: January 1, 2019
Services: Marketing, Design, Website

Pure Organic Nail Salon

Pure Organic Nail Salon pride themselves on offering the most environmentally friendly beauty services in the Bay Area. Known for their creating their own formulated scrubs, creams and lotions made from locally-sourced and organic ingredients – Pure Organic have become a favorite in the beauty scene across the Bay. Their mission is to help you feel great about looking great.

Our Role

Project 100 were approached by Pure Organic Nail Salon with the prospect of expanding on their marketing efforts. The projects and campaigns adopted by various members of our team included social media strategy and marketing material creation with the goal of elevating their brand and ensuring their ecofriendly identity was reflected in their brand image. This included the production of a video commercial for their YouTube channel and website homepage. Moreover, Project 100 recreated the client’s website, and helped them transition to a new Point Of Sale system.

The Result

Over a period of six months, Project 100 came together as a team to tackle the many marketing and business opportunities Pure Organic Nail Salon had before them. Our social media team collated a cohesive social media feed that reflects the value proposition and theme of the salon. Project 100’s developers worked with the client and produced a modern, aesthetic and functional website for the client’s customers to be able to book appointments and learn about their brand. Additionally, our SEO manager has helped this client boost their website and will continue to do so moving forward.

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