Post-Partum Passion Project

Marketing, Web, and Design Project

PPD (Post-Partum Depression) survivor Erica Reynolds had a vision of building a safe haven for young new Moms as they enter this new chapter of their lives: motherhood.

Client: Author, Erica
Date: May 1, 2020
Services: Web Design, Marketing, Illustration

Post-Partum Passion Project

Bringing that passion to life requires a team effort

PPD (Post-Partum Depression) survivor Erica Reynolds had a vision of building a safe haven for young new Moms as they enter this new chapter of their lives: motherhood. From honest advice on marriage, sex and friendships after kids, to exercises to combat post-partum weight gain, she wanted a platform that unites Moms from diverse backgrounds and situations. Any blog style project in today’s digital world requires a plethora of skills to build that online presence within multiple avenues. This is where Project 100 entered the picture.


Working closely with our Project Manager, Erica’s vision was broken down into smaller projects

Our Project Manager, Kat, took the reins with Erica to establish the differing tasks within her PPP Project, and what would need to be done to achieve them. Since Erica would be starting conversations and fostering her voice through everything wordy, it was time to build her a website that aligned with her project and appealed to the community she would be creating.

Working alongside Linda, we broke her Passion Project into three sections – web, design and marketing. First things first was to translate her story ‘Mac and Madi’ into a tangible book filled with fun illustrations. Linda worked closely with our in-house designer, Marie, to bring her vision of her characters to life.

Project 100 divided this into three projects – web, design and marketing

Erica has already established her personality on social media so it is time to help grow her engagement and following by working with our social media manager. Moreover, now that she is an aesthetic website, she is working with our in-house writer to get those topics on her blog, and marketed to the right audience.

Now, we’re an ongoing team

Erica’s #PPPassionProject is still on its journey of becoming the dream she had envisioned. Project 100 will continue working with her to provide ongoing web management, maintenance, blogging support and social media strategy and management.

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