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To entrepreneurs and business owners alike,

You can call us thy marketing gurus, i.e. – your alternative solution to a Marketing Department!

We’ve found that in our digital world where your career dreams are closer than ever before, comes an everchanging space that no longer simply requires you to ‘keep up with the times’. You’re a business owner I see…So that makes you a graphic designer, social media manager, tech savvy, creative mind, content creator, oh and you’re ace at all those odd jobs in between? Launching your dream brand can be an exciting but overwhelming journey. When your skills sit within the nature of your business and not as a Marketing Executive, a versatile shoulder to lean on can take an immense weight off your shoulders.

In the 21st century while the media landscape is constantly in flux, it’s impossible to excel in your industry while battling the challenges of another – marketing. It seems this creative space has taken us hostage, and success grants only those gurus that can read trends like a book. While the rest spend countless hours attempting to plant their brand in their target audience’s minds. Well, time is money people! So here is how we can create brand awareness, higher levels of visibility and a unique value proposition just for your business.

“We are human, and chronic adopters of new ideas and concepts – a feature of our intrinsic core value.” 

Our team at Project 100 are comprised of handpicked individuals armed with a wide set of marketing experience and design skills to tackle creative projects of any nature. We come together as a fully-integrated marketing department that are dedicated to your ongoing process, battling, and building on behalf of your brand through success, failures, and shifts in any industry or economy.  Are you a progressive, forward-thinking start-up or small business? Let us guide you through every marketing hurdle and goal you wish to tackle along the way.

It’s time to materialize your dreams while keeping your needs and schedule in mind. Just click that little ‘Let’s Chat’ box below!

Project 100

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