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About Us

Our Mission | Small Business Marketing

The world is flat again. It’s given birth to a generation of modern-day marketing whereby success is not limited to high costs, but rather by one’s creativity and plan of execution. Technology has provided us with our flat earth; the opportunity to compete as equals. This is why Project 100 back businesses that embrace digitally driven strategies to reach their niche market.

    A Marketing Team for Busy People

    Who are we? A diverse team of creatives comprising of broad marketing experience and design skills that work as a foundation to bring your idea to life. Project 100 serve as the bridge connecting you to your goals. With that support, you can place your focus back on doing what you love. 

    Our motto is to move right, not fast; by applying user-friendly theory to website development, thoughtful SEO tactics to marketing campaigns, and creative ideas to brand building.

    Our Approach to Marketing

    With a mindset that lays with startups and small businesses; our intention and every move will ensure you will receive high quality work that speaks to your individual  business, not as another generic big-corporation solution.  With that said, expect to be kept in the loop of your project, not in the shadows.  At your beck and call, we’re ready to tackle any project big or small, from start to finish. 

    Having a project?

    Do you have an idea, with no idea of how to execute it?  Each and every one of us have a unique skillset. While yours may lay within the nature of  your business, ours is fit for any project however crazy or rather, mundane it may seem. 

    Crazy ideas included!

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